Class Descriptions



Illuminate your own unique vocal talents through healthy techniques and exercises while finding a personal connection to the material. From Pop to Classical to Broadway, work with a Spot-On mentor to find the ease and strength in your voice.


Enhance your ability to tell stories and express yourself through your music and lyrics. These lessons are discussion based and will be spent talking through the strengths and weaknesses of the material, often brainstorming on the fly! Develop your own style and find your own unique songwriting voice by focusing on form, lyrics, melody, genre, and arranging.


In Arranging for the Home Studio, learn how to record a cover from scratch! Pick a short song and arrange it using virtual midi instruments in a style that’s your own. Discover the basics of recording, editing, and arranging within a Digital Audio Workstation.


Road to Rhythm is a fun, interactive experience that welcomes Singers and instrumentalists of all levels. Drawing on world rhythmic concepts, gain a greater sense of inner time and the musical confidence needed for performance.



Find your own unique voice by focusing on the basics of acting while integrating text with the voice and body. Gain confidence and self-resilience in your work through tactics, circumstances, character development, objectives, voice and speech, and emotional vulnerability. Discover new monologues that will show you in your best light and learn how to connect intellect and emotion to create a well rounded performance.

Vocal Coaching

Work to balance correct vocal technique and sound production with the effort to bring truth and specificity to your storytelling of the song. Learn how to break down songs the same way you would approach text: researching and understanding given circumstances, discovering motivations and the actions that come from them. All music tells a story and all music is welcome: Musical Theatre, Jazz, Pop, Country, Rock & Roll, etc.


Learn how to trust the camera to give a truthful performance! Use film and television scene work to deepen their ability to consistently deliver honest, fully present performances while learning the acting techniques, set etiquette, and personal strategies necessary to secure work and perform in film and on television.


Discover the basic techniques for learning and applying stage dialects. You will receive instruction in selected dialects that are frequently used by the American actor. The following major dialects are offered: New York-Brooklyn, American Southern/ Deep South, Standard English RP (with an additional introduction to Cockney), and Irish.

Audition Tech

Owning and strengthening the voice that says, “what do you have to lose,” opens up the possibilities to an actor. Find that voice within your own unique talents and build a foundation of FEARLESSNESS while gaining insight into the audition process, building your book, and discussing the tactics and material you are hoping to use!


MT/Jazz, Ballet, Tap

Get ready to DANCE! Be ready to warm up and do some technique conditioning then jump into some choreography. Classes are designed to teach dancers and movers to develop proper etiquette and accountability, a strong technical foundation, and a love for the art of classical and theatrical dance. Classes will focus on an increased awareness of movement and alignment, physical expression, choreography, and balance while working to create an emotional and physical connection to the music.


Gain knowledge and skills to keep fit for life through the values and skills of Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness. Increase your knowledge, applications, meditation and breathing practices with tools to reduce tension and anxiety, increase energy levels, move efficiently, and reconnect to self-awareness.


Participate in joy-filled physical activities and individualized strength training and conditioning workouts to meet your goals whilst maintaining healthy breathing and alignment practices. These lessons will introduce you to modern nutrition and weight management, cardiovascular health, flexibility, core building, and strength training. Build pre and post performance wellness habits to improve breath support and groundedness on stage, all whilst perfecting their desired Spot-On physique.


Arts Management

It is never a bad idea for performers to know more about the various career paths and options in the arts. Discuss practical information and real-life experience that will help you look at a situation from a few different angles.

Cabaret Creation

Better understand the process of creating your own cabaret/concert-performance act while feeling both strong and at ease in being yourself on stage!

Career Navigation

Work with industry professionals on emphasizing your strengths while strategically planning YOUR best journey into and through a career in the arts. No single career is alike and your own unique path takes an understanding of yourself mixed with the every changing landscape of the arts industry.

Business Management

Within a business management coaching session the goal is to assist you in resolving whatever challenge you might be facing by defining goals, crafting strategies for growth and devising plans for the future.

Visual/Recording arts


Self-tapes are becoming the preferred way of many auditions, not only for tv and film but also for theater. Learn how to set up your self-tape space, how to self-tape and what equipment is needed.

Home Recording Studio

Discover the art of home recording, the ability to produce high quality demos with equipment that is affordable and easily obtained. Learn how to use reverb, EQ and compression on your recordings and how to incorporate your recordings in promotional videos and on social media platforms.


Beginning with a presentation of various examples of caricature/portraiture, these lessons will explore the comparisons of art with reference photos, pointing out ways artists translate images. Learn to recognize shapes and proportions, and gain feedback from hands-on sketching sessions.